Symphony No. 8

Sinfonie Nr. 8, La Palma (2011/...)

I. Jedey, Allegro. The entire Canarian island La Palma was built by volcanic eruptions from the 4000 m deep seabed up to the 2426 m high Roque de los Muchachos. La Palma is one of the steepest islands with rugged coasts and little sandy beaches. The lush vegetation and the natural beauty of the island led to the nicknames isla bonita and isla verde. I could live here forever. The photos below were taken near the small village Jedey located between El Paso and Fuencaliente (southwest part of the island). It shows Flowers in the foreground, Canarian pines in the background and old lava fields on both sides which once came down from volcanos up in the montain. The white spots are banana plantations covered with fine-mesh nets. In the year 2002, the whole island was declared a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO. The first three bars and the instrumentation of the symphony are shown here: Sin8101.GIF

II. Lento. The first four bars of the Lento are shown here: Sin8201.GIF

III. Teneguía, Allegro; Trio, Lento; Allegro. The eruption of the volcano Teneguía took place from October 26 to November 28, 1971. Earthquakes preceded the eruption. Watch the video: Eruption ofTeneguía. The volcano has become a spot for tourism and forms part of the Monumento Natural de Los Volcanes de Teneguía. Volcanism is observed everywhere on the island. The first five bars of the Allegro are shown here: Sin8301.GIF, the first four bars of the Trio are given here: Sin4335.GIF

IV. San Antonio, Allegro. San Antonio, a beautiful volcano, erupted 1677. However this was only a modest magnitude eruption of a preexisting several thousands years old volcano which caused only negligible damage to the area. At the entrance to the volcano there is a building where the geology of the island and the volcanoes are shown. The first three bars: Sin8401.GIF.

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