Symphony No. 1

Sinfonie Nr. 1 (1977/81)

Originally the symphony consisted of 4 movements. I started right away with the composition of  the symphony using a big orchestra with lots of percussion. Shure I consulted many books about orchestration, use of instruments, notation of quarter tones. However for the first movement I didn't use bar lines which would make it extremely difficult for the conductor and the orchestra to perform the score. Later I tried to introduce bar lines I left out but I gave up because it seemed impossible to repair the first movement (below the very first opening of this movement). One has to do the things right just  from the beginning. That time every score was hand written. With the help of my program ScoreEd4 I was able to print the symphony. See below the openings of the movements I, II, III (click to enlarge). 

UA of the Scherzo: Monday, Mars 6, 1989, Filarmonica Brasov, Leitung: Ilarion Ionescu-Galati. He gave me a tape with the Scherzo recorded during a rehearsal of the orchestra. This was really very helpful for me.

All three movements use quarter tones. The last movement makes use of the interval c f (1/4 ton higher) which is often called alphorn f sharp. (see last movement third bar of 1. trombone). 

The full score of all three movements is ready. The orchestral parts exist only for the Scherzo.

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