String Quartet

String quartet Strait of Juan de Fuca (1990/91)

The strait of Juan de Fuca separates the Olympic Montain (State Washington USA) from Vancouver Island (Canada). All four movements of the quartet have titles which refer to places or events related to this strait. Ross Harbough encouraged me to write a quartet for his New World Quartet, this was also a reason to name it Strait of Juan de Fuca. Unfortunately the quartet broke up one or two years later. Thereafter Ross Harbough founded the Bergonzi Quartet.

The quartet together with the Weiterdinger Duo and the string trio was recorded and published by Hugo Litman as swisspan contemporary music. The first public performance of all four movements came to life 20 years later by the García Abril Quartet

I. Strait of Juan de Fuca, Allegro. The photo below was taken near the port of Victoria,Vancouver Island.

II. Botanical Beach, Lento. "Botanical Beach" near Port Renvrew (which is about 100 km south of Victoria) means the misterious submarine world riddled with kelp and seaweed. It was difficult to find an open path to swim through this plants but it is a paradise for fish, octopus, starfish, see urchins, and sponges.

III. Seals, Presto, Trio: Dead seal, Lento, Presto. This place is located on the USA side of the strait where we observed seals and even detected a dead young seal.

IV. Port Renvrew, Allegro moderato. This is actually the real "Botanical Beach" a very nice but wild place leading to the bay full of seaweed and kelp.

The sores and the sheet music of the quartet and the string trio can be obtained from me at print cost + porto. Please ask me. The Weiterdinger Duo for violin and cello is avalable from http://www.pizzicato.chYou might check cdbaby. The music of all three works can be downloaded from either cdbaby or Amazon. 

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