Piano Quartet

Quartett für Violine, Viola, Violoncello and Piano (2001/2002)

As expected fish everywhere with one exception: Hornkoralle. This time I really exaggerated with movements named after fish. But that doesn't mean one should play this music in an aquarium. As I, at the moment, didn't find the original pictures I replaced them with those found in (a) de.wikipedia.org and (b) meerwasserwiki.de.

I. Fetzenfisch (a), Allegro moderato.

II. Hornkoralle (a) und Fahnenbarsche (b), Lento.

III. Tintenfische (a), Vivace - Trio, Lento - Vivace. This movement was played as part of the Goppisberger music weeks 2011 by Veronica Czettner, violin; Olga Bulakova, viola; Doris Maria Sigrist, cello; and Kate Elmit, piano. 

IV. Kuhnasenrochen (a), Allegro.

The other three movements wait for a first performance. The score and the parts for the instruments are available.

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