Les Galets for Clarinet, Horn, Timpani, Percussion and Strings

Les Galets für Klarinette, Horn, Pauke, Schlagzeug und Streicher (1992/93)

When IIlarion Ionescu Galati wanted to come to Switzerland in order to conduct the Stadtorchester Winterthur (heute: Musikkollegium) he had to ask Elena Ceaușescu for permission. Instead in the Hotel he rather liked to be with us. He has performed the Scherzo of the 1. Symphony in Romania, he also performed three movements of the suite La Désirade for string orchestra in a concert there. He invited the Winterthurer Klaviertrio to take part at an international music festival in Brasov (Romania). There they played piano trios from Sándor Veress, Josef Heinzer (trio no. 2) and Schubert.

Once he asked me if I could compose for him a short piece for two wind players, string orchestra and a small percussion which could be handled by the string players themselves. Ok, I thought a little bit of percussion is too little we need here two professionals (see score below). I may have chosen too many instruments, however, the percussion players don't play all the time. Ilarion got the score, the solo and orchestral parts…

The score, the orchestral and soloist parts are available or can be rented. Ask me, I am the only editor. Contact me.

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