Concerto for Bassoon & Trumpet

Konzert für Fagott, Trompete und Orchester

After the first performance of my cello concerto played by Doris Sigrist with the Brasov Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Vlad Conta, January 27, 2000, a bassoonist ask me if I could compose a concerto for bassoon and small orchestra. Back home I started to write the the first movement I. Saddled Puffer, Allegro. You guess it already the title must be a fish name. At the moment I don't know where his photo or image disappeared. I am looking for the image. The first page of the score is seen below (click into the image). During the work on this movement I got a letter from the bassoonist if I could add a solo trumpet as well. However it is not that easy to add another solo instrument without destroying the original idea. Therefore I finished this movement with the solo bassoon.

But then for the second movement II. Queen Angelfish, Vivace, I added a solo trumpet.

Same for the third movement III. Blackfin Grouper.

In the fourth movement IV. Tinker's Butterfly fish, Vivace - Lento - Vivace,  the trumpet gets the chance to play solo as well.

Last movement V. French Grunts, Allegro.

End of story: I sent the score together with the parts for the solo instruments to the bassoonist in Brasov (Romania) but I never heard anything from him. May be it was not what he had expected.

Finally I found the images. I am looking forward to hear an orchestra and soloists playing this work. Ask me! I am the only editor.

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